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Links With International School Projects

Prestolee is committed to improving life chances and developing our role in the community.


This is our mission locally and nationally.  Thanks to the work of Helen Woodward and Rafik Iddin we are now able to contribute internationally.  


This is important to our school community, our learners and our staff team.  It is important to learn how to play a part in contributing to the world and those in very different circumstances.


This way we both learn about the world beyond our community and how we are global citizens.  We learn about both our rights as individuals and our responsibilities as citizens.


We are therefore thrilled to be able to play a part in rebuilding a school in Nepal.


The Antarastriya Yuba Barsa Secondary School was in the Nepal Earthquake zone. The school is being led by an inspirational leader developing a strong educational offer in difficult circumstances.  This has been made all the more challenging since the Earthquake.  


This is now a focus for our charitable fund-raising that we hope that you will support.  Our children write to the children at Antarastriya Yuba Barsa Secondary School and learn about this school.  They can see where their fundraising and charitable efforts make a real difference to people and their lives.  They learn about how to make a difference.


If you would like to know more about this cause or want to get involved pleased visit the website following the link below.


This is a great cause and you will see in both our newsletter and twitter feed events and opportunities to get involved across school.  We really appreciate your support.