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Childcare Terms and Conditions


Times of operation


  • Term time Breakfast Club operates from 07:45am through to school start
  • Term time After School Club operates from school finish through to 6:00pm
  • School Holiday Club operates on days posted on the website and noticeboard
  • School Holiday Morning Club (half day) operates from 07:45am to 12:30pm
  • School Holiday Afternoon Club (half day) operates from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
  • School Holiday Club full day operates from 07:45am to 6:00pm
  • Exceptions to the above will be posted on the school website and may involve early finish or non-operational days


 Requirements for sessions


  • Children must be fully toilet trained
  • A suitable healthy snack is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon for all childcare sessions
  • Parents/carers are advised to apply long-lasting sun crème where required prior to arrival
  • Parents will send packed lunches for children for whole day sessions or where the care spans a lunchtime period
  • Advanced notice is required where there is a change to the nominated person who will collect your child
  • In exceptional circumstances ,only doctor prescribed medicines will administered for a period of no longer than two weeks
  • Children are not allowed mobile phones in the setting. Where present, these will need to be kept safe in the office
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the place at any time


 Booking and Cancellation Criteria


  • In making a booking, parents agree to the latest terms and conditions on the website and noticeboard
  • Bookings for term time kids club should always be made in advance
  • Bookings for holiday club is made following the booking invitation forms available in the weeks leading up to the sessions
  • Bookings are subject to agreement, are available for registered children only and accepted only where payment is receipted in advance
  • Acceptance of bookings is dependent on available capacity and resource
  • Where your child’s care will need additional resourcing to meet their needs, this is chargeable and sessions must be pre-arranged and will be allocated as/when they become available
  • Modifications to bookings should be notified and acknowledged as soon as possible
  • In the event of being over-subscribed, the following priorities are applied:
    1. Parents requiring long term childcare every day that is essential to support working arrangements
    2. Parents requiring long term childcare for fixed patterns that are essential to support working arrangements
    3. Parents requiring regular booking patterns
    4. Ad-hoc or irregular booking patterns
  • The club operates under the school’s OFSTED registration 141915. This can be used where appropriate by parents to claim tax credits


 Prices and additional charges


  • £4.00 for before school sessions
  • £7.50 for after school sessions
  • £10.00 for half day holiday sessions
  • £18.00 for full day holiday sessions
  • Payments must always be made in advance
  • Resourced sessions will be charged at £13.33 per hour
  • Resourced sessions are subject to additional terms and conditions published on website and noticeboard
  • In the event of non-emergency late collections, parents agree to pay a charge of £1.00 per minute per child
  • Cancellations are free of charge providing that at least 24 hours’ notice is provided and are otherwise charged at full rate
  • Habitual cancellations that obstruct access for other children will be chargeable
  • Sickness should be notified as soon as possible. This is subject to the same terms as cancellation
  • There are no refunds. Where credit is due, this can be used to fund future bookings


 Payment Methods


  • We encourage parents to pay online by card using their ParentPay account
  • Payments can also be made by card either in person or by telephone
  • Payments can be made (with prior arrangement) through childcare voucher providers
  • We prefer card payments, but if the above is not possible, we can also take cash


 Feedback and Complaints


  • We welcome your feedback. Please ask a member of staff for feedback forms
  • The complaints procedure can be found on the school website




  • These terms and conditions are applicable from 20/03/2017 and pricing from 18/04/2017
  • Pricing, charges and terms and conditions are subject to regular review
  • Changes in terms and conditions will be notified by posting on the website and noticeboard