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Children's University

At Prestolee, we believe that learning beyond the classroom is limitless. We are very proud of our wide ranging extra-curricular offer at school and are keen for our children to gain recognition for their learning outside of the classroom. Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. This is done by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities, both inside and outside of school, in which children gain the recognition for these activities. The impact of such activities is proven to have a positive impact on children’s social and academic achievements. The organisation is committed to creating a level playing field of opportunity and opening up access to children of all backgrounds. 


Throughout the year, children log their own hours on their own Children's University portal, using a unique code for each activity. These hours are then collected and when children reach 25 hours of extra curricular activities they are invited to attend a graduation held at Bolton University in the Summer Term. Each year, these hours accrue and children graduate again with a higher level qualification. 

Sumer 1 & Summer 2 Club Codes


Summer 1 Clubs



Y1&2 Art Club with GT - yellow2957

Eco Club with KOS - red3557

EYFS Multiskills Kickstart - orange3538



Kickstart KS2 Rounders and Cricket - red9118



Boomwhackers Club with RB - orange3693

KS2 Athletics with LH - blue3192

Kickstart Athletics Y1/2 - purple9788



Kickstart KS2 Girls Football - yellow9050

Craft Club Rec, Y1, Y2 with LMc - yellow3083


Additional Activities/ Clubs completed throughout the Summer Term:

Third Space Maths - yellow0251

Bolton Schools ICT club for Y3 - purple3132

Y5 Music Club with RB and KD - green0980

Choir - green9625


Summer 2 Clubs


KS2 Games Club - purple3215

KS2 Football Kickstart - purple4974

Public Speaking Club - purple5401

KS2 Rounders Cricket - blue4755

KS1 Football Kickstart - purple2904

KS2 Frisbee Kickstart - orange4719

KS1 Athletics Kickstart - yellow2756

KS2 cooking - blue1447

KS1 cooking club - orange2452


For clubs and visits attended outside of school, learning providers are asked to validate the activity they have on offer on the Children’s University website for the first time, in order for them to provide the code for children to log their hours with in the future. Please see below the letter to be handed to any learning providers outside of school: