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Prestolee Local Governing Board




Mrs Rachel Bent                               (Appointed Governor)             Chair

Mrs Siobhan Lever                           (Teaching Staff Governor)

Mr Philip Evans                                 (Appointed Governor)

Mrs Teri Hughes                               (Parent Governor)                   Vice Chair

Mrs Alex Keane                                 (Head of School Governor)

Mrs Michelle Brookes                       (Parent Governor)

Mrs Lisa Ryder                                  (Support Staff Governor)

Mr Richard Mills                                (Appointed Governor)


Clerk to the Governing Board:            Mrs Vikki Semple 


Prestolee Multi Academy Trust 



Bill Barclay:                                      Appointed 16/01/17

Sheryl Farnworth:                           Appointed 26/01/17

Stuart Fox:                                       Appointed 20/01/20

Kelly Macadam:                               Appointed 01/07/19

Scott Patton:                                    Appointed 01/07/19


Terms of Office of Trustees 


Lisa Gartside                          Term of Office            08/02/2021 - 07/02/2025

Andrew Sargeant                   Term of Office            07/02/2022 - 06/02/2026

Paul Heath                              Term of Office            18/07/2022 - 17/07/2026

Emlyn Wright                          Term of Office            27/03/2023 - 26/03/2027

Jayne Coleman                        Term of Office             01/09/2023 - 31/08/2027

Lisa Littler                                 Term of Office             01/09/2023 - 31/08/2027


Trust Leadership:


Michael Tonge                            Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Dunne                          Deputy CEO

Michael Govier                            Chief Financial Officer

Krystyna Forster                          Head of School Bowness

Damian Harris                             Exec Head Waterloo / Head of School Fiddlers Lane

Stephen Holden                          Exec Head Bowness/Tottington

Alex Keane                                 Head of School Prestolee / Exec Head of Barton Moss

Lynsey Smith                              Head of SCITT

Deborah Taylor                           Head of School Tottington

Victoria Unsworth                       Headteacher of Mesne Lea Primary

Claire Woolley                            Head of School at Barton Moss 

Helen Turner                              Head of School at Waterloo Primary

Gill Thornicroft                            Headteacher of Springside Primary


We are currently reviewing how we collect diversity data for governors and trustees and this will be updated shortly.


Please click here to view the Prestolee Multi Academy Trust website.