School Direct 2014 

The Everyonelearning@ Teaching School Alliance and The Prestolee Teaching School Alliance through their lead school, Prestolee Community Primary School, are excited to have the opportunity to deliver their School Direct Training Programme in conjunction with the University of Cumbria. We have worked hard to design a Training Programme which meets the University requirements as well as reflecting our own ethos and values. We see this as an opportunity to invest in future leaders and to secure standards of teaching delivered by outstanding practitioners.

School Direct gives our trainees the opportunity to: 

  • Train as  professionals  from Day 1
  • Immerse themselves in the life of a school
  • Reflect immediately on their training and seminars and see theory put into practice
  • Reflect on the kind of teacher they see themselves becoming
  • Be trained by leading primary specialists
  • Speak to school leaders and classroom practitioners to develop skills and knowledge
  • Take risks and discover their potential as class teachers
  • Identify their strengths and potential as leaders
  • Discuss and consider contrasting placements
  • See the social, emotional and educational development of children from EYFS to Key Stage

In addition to this, all trainees will be given support to complete assignments relating to the course modules.


In addition to the training provided by UoC, we will deliver lectures and seminars in accordance with the course modules.

Our trainers are leading subject consultants, head teachers and teachers with significant leadership experience, subject leaders and specialists, Middle Leaders and SLEs.

Our training sessions will take place at many of the schools involved in the Programme as well as additional schools who have shown an interest and wish to offer their support.

The content of the training covers at least the required modules and meets the outcome specifications.

We see the ’Creative & Effective Teaching’  ’Reflective Practice’ and ’Meeting Children’s Needs as ‘Umbrella Modules’ which link inexorably to all others.  We would encourage trainees to see these and consider these throughout all their own practice and whilst observing the practice of others.

The ‘Cohort Development’ Module will give trainees the opportunity to respond to their experiences during training and raise questions/discuss reflections. It will also give us the opportunity to deliver wider elements of classroom practice including planning, the role of parents, organising trips, school governors, risk assessment and child safety.

The remaining modules will develop subject knowledge and pedagogy.

Our training plan will allow trainees to return to the school setting following training input and complete ‘gap tasks’ related specifically to it. e.g. Wednesday morning might be training on Phonics and its role in the teaching of reading. The gap task for Thursday and Friday might be to observe Phonics being taught in KS1 as well as observation of Guided Reading and how the two are linked. This would then form the basis for a Cohort Response and Reflection session the following week.

Prestolee and the Alliance have the additional advantage of working closely with another alliance (Leading Learning Alliance) led by Mannor Green Primary School. Consequently we have a wider pool of skills and training opportunities to draw upon and indeed some of the training will be delivered jointly to a combined group of 30 trainees.


The three assessed placements will take place at the same time as other PG placements in line with UoC policy.

Our placement schools are across many local authorities including Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Trafford, Salford and Tameside.

Across the year there will be three placements. Placement 1 will be in the trainee’s ‘home school’, Placement 2 will take place in a contrasting school and year group, Placement 3 will take place back at the ‘home school’. In addition to these assessed placements we have planned short placements in EYFS and KS3.

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