Primary Leadership Team

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Primary Leadership Team Members:

Year 1: Jessica Brier & Jacob Essery 

Year 2: Felix Longworth & Melissa Benson  

Year 3: Eden Morris & Jack Elding-Parry

Year 4: Bobby Tomlinson & Adam Smith

Year 5: Mia Hulme & Jake Worthington  

Year 6: Caitlin Barlow & Elliot Blower

January 2018

This week the PLT visited St Stephen's Primary School as part of an initiative to investigate how other school's organise their playtimes. This idea was thought up by the representatives with aim to implement new strategies to support our children when playing outside. As a PLT, we have discussed ways to ensure our peers are happy on the playground and this was the next step to gaining new ideas.

We began our visit by walking to St Stephens - which the children enjoyed and we were then made very welcome when we arrived, being invited to lunch and then having a tour of their school. The children were buddied up with St Stephen's school council members and were able to enjoy a playtime with their buddy, asking questions about how and where they play. Mrs Kirwan and Miss Ryder were also able to chat with the team in the staff room about different elements of the playtime that they feel work well.

As a result of the trip, the PLT will convene together to discuss what they felt worked well during the lunchtime visit at St Stephen's and what they feel would benefit our children here at Prestolee.

This also was in support of the upcoming Mental Health Week 2018; where our children will be partaking in activities to raise awareness of how important emotional health is and how to support this in in our school.


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