Self Evaluation

At Prestolee we seek to constantly challenge ourselves. 

Every year we undertake reviews of our work. We seek internal validation and external reviews of the work we do to continually improve the quality of education we provide.

Not only do we have a cycle of continuos review and development we always aim for the very highest standards.  We do not simply collect badges.  We look for awards, checks and opportunities to challenge how we go about teaching, develop our curriculum and engage with others.

We share many of the external and internal reviews of our work here as we strive to follow our own example of always doing better than we have done before, aiming high!

Parental Survey

Please find below our lates parent survey results and the information around how we are working to improve the quality of what we do.

Word icon  Parent Survey Autumn 2015

Curriculum Reviews

Every year we undertake at least three reviews of what we do in order to reamin a high quality educational establishment.  Most recently we have been reviewing our curriculum.  We wanted to ensure our emphasis on high quality basic skills did not detract from our wider curriculum goals of being, "A School Where Every Child Has A Chance To Shine."

Below we will upload the report or report summary of each our validation visits.

We achieved the Arts Mark and were particulalry pleased to achieve the highest level of ArtsMark Gold.  We have a specialist leader of Cultural Education who works across a variety of schools to ensure what we do is of high quality.  Read the summary of the report below.

 PDF icon  Arts Mark Gold

Leadership and Management

As an outstanding school with a focus on improving outcomes for ourselves and for others we were chosen to take part in a review of leadership.  The report 'Freedom to Lead' was commissioned by the National College, an executive arm of the DfE.  In that report strong schools were visited over a period of days, inspected to see if their practice and leadership merited inclusion in the report and then inspected for best practice.  We are included in that report as one of the key system leadership schools with a high focus on improving outcomes for our learner.

Please see below for the full report.

 PDF icon   Freedom to Lead