School Conferences

Prestolee is the lead school in developing the school led conferences.  These conferences began out a discussion between Mr Tonge and the then Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Learning Mr Charlie Taylor.  

Prestolee suggested developing the school led system and bringing greater coherence to the system.  To create a space where those who designed and made policy could meet those entrusted with delivering it.  To bring together the best of education in one place to share practice, develop networks and grow research hubs across the region.

This conference was so successful that it has led to a national series of conferences and a national role for Prestolee in leading the School led system.

In order to build momentum we developed a one day conference in Manchester for the North West region.  This  a significant conference would be with a range of outstanding speakers.  The conference is supported by the Department for Education, The Teaching School Council and the National College for Teaching and Learning.

I brought together over 350 delegates to discuss the future of education.  To find out more about last year’s events and to find out how we are developing the conference this year please visit our conference website.  On the site you will find reports, video footage and a host of other materials for bringing the school led system closer together.


  • To build capacity, understanding and commitment to the school led system in the North West
  • For all schools in the North west
  • Led by Teaching School Alliances in the North West
  • Promoting the role of system leaders
  • Building capacity for School improvement
  • Developing a step change in speed, progress, capacity and commitment to the school led system



  • To lead change
  • To build capacity across the school led system in the North West and maximise potential for school improvement
  • Share best practice
  • Develop research hubs to lead evidence based practice development at next year’s conference and extend the critical thinking around a school led system
  • Agreeing our response and responsibilities for school improvement strategies in the school led system across the region
  • A call to action across the region

 Content delivery:

  • Keynote to open and close
  • Workshops with practical examples of current and developing practice
  • Networking events to create engagement and knowledge of what and who is available in the system including SLEs, NLE, LLEs, NLGs
  • A clear digital communication strategy throughout the conference which would include twitter feed, youtube video and social media