Primary Leadership Team

Represent your voice!

Primary Leadership Team Members:

Year 1: Holly Kearsley and Robbie Dean 

Year 2: Lola Barlow and Ashton Wallbank 

Year 3: Harry Millard and Oliver Brady

Year 4: James Cadwaladr and Innaya Sarwar

Year 5: Charlotte Crabtree and Harvey Kenny 

Year 6: Nathaniel Coop and Libby Ford

Autumn Term

- The new PLT team were very excited that their first job would be to play a major role in choosing the names for the new house points reward system. A selection of categories were discussed and whittled down by the team, who eventually settled on four which would be put to a whole school vote. Black ballot boxes were sent to each class to place their vote and have their say. Authors was the victorious category with Dahl, Rowling, Donaldson and Walliams chosen for each house.

- In order to make it easier to take suggestions and ideas from children throughout school our very own Presto the Pigeon suggestion box was created! He sits proudly in the corridor and eagerly awaits "tweet" postcards to be posted into his tummy! 

- PLT members supported Year 4 in the creation of shoebox Christmas presents to give to less fortunate children during the festive period. The boxes were collected and gifted to Wood Street Mission (hyperlink: Well done and thank you very much Year 4!


Spring Term

- PLT have been busy finding out how children at Prestolee feel about Science lessons and resources by creating a questionnaire and interviewing their peers. The information collected will be used to make Science learning better at Prestolee!

- Prestolee are working hard to achieve the Healthy Schools + status and the PLT have been helping to get their peers views on how we can be maintain healthy weight through physical activity. The team have shared a questionnaire with their classmates and are currently collecting ideas for playground improvements and upgrades.

- The team have been responsible for choosing a local charity that Prestolee can focus upon building a partnership with, and fundraising for. So far the PLT members have taken suggestions from their classmates, which will soon be put to a whole school vote.

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