Parent Partnership

Working together for your children

At Prestolee we see a key part of the work we do as a school supporting you in our shared single goal.  To have every child in our care have the very best education.  We absolutely believe this is a partnership between you as parents and us as a school. 

Remember: Never ask your child what they DID today at school, always ask them what did you LEARN today at school.

How you help us everyday:

  • Support with homework
  • Speaking positively and supportively about our school and our staff which builds confidence in your child
  • Supporting our school at events
  • Having open and positive dialogue with school in the best interest of your child
  • Sorting out issues directly and quickly as soon as they arise with the class teacher
  • Supporting us keeping your child safe by not putting information about or photographs of our children on social media websites
  • Taking every opportunity to help your child develop their communication skills and listening skills
  • Helping to give your child a wide range of experiences outside of school so they can enjoy positively a range of social and cultural experiences.
  • Recognising we may not always agree but if we work together positively we will overcome all the obstacle to learning your child faces
  • Recognising we all make mistakes, it is how we move forward that matters.

We can help you by:

  • Telling you all about the curriculum and the work we do
  • Having a range of events so we can tell you about our work and we can share of expertise
  • Providing support and resources so you can be well informed as to how you can help your child
  • Work to provide challenging experiences for learning to share with and work alongside your child
  • Signpost you to activities and support that will entertain and educate at the same time
  • Provide extra support in response to common questions we are asked so you have a one stop shop of help
  • Helping you understand what we do and why we do it
  • Giving you the tools to help your child do their best and excel at their work