Learner Views

Every few months we ask our learners to tell us their views of our school and how we can develop what we do.  The Primary Leadership team (PLT) are very active in working with the school to collate the views of the learners.  The PLT is elected by our learners every year as part of our democratic values and working with our learners.

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Year Six Exit Survey

Every year we ask our Year Six Children to tell us some of the things they found out about themselves and how our school has helped them.  They are our best advocates.  Here is a selection of some of their comments.

What are you most proud of achieving from your time at Prestolee?

"I am most proud of achieving confidence because it has made me step out of my shell."

"I learned never to give up until the job is done."

"Something I learned about myself this year was if I dig deep inside myself I can be just as confident as anyone else."

Something I learned this year was I can try and I overcame my fear of heights."

"I learnt I am a very determined person."

"I learned I can be confident and not shy."

I learnt if I put my mind to it I can do anything."

What advice would you give about Prestolee to a new child who was starting school?

"Make sure you listen.  You only get one life so make the most of it."

"To always aim high and try your best, you will achieve."

"It is a good school, you progress all of the time, the children and teachers make you feel welcome."

"That we aim high and we are a big team."

"Don't be worried, everyone is loving, friendly and caring at Prestolee."

"It is hard work but at the same time it is very fun. "

"It is hard! You make friends easily though."

"Don't worry about making new friends because everyone is so friendly!"

How has Prestolee prepared you for secondary school?

"I can learn harder things and push myself and do it."

"It has prepared me because the teachers tell us to aim high no matter what and believed in me all the way through."

"I learned about the real world!"

"I have learnt what I need to know!"

"I learnt it does not matter if you are not the best at everything."

"I learnt to be confident with my work and  now really enjoy learning."

"I am smart and friendly so I can make new friends easily!"