A Message From The Chair


Prestolee is an outstanding school. We are a community school with very strong links with the area in which we reside. Our focus is on the complete individual and our aim is to provide the best possible opportunities in later life for all of the children in our care through multiple strands of education.

We expect every one of the children in our school to develop to their full potential both academically and socially, so that they become responsible and caring adults in their later lives.

Our Head Teacher Mr Tonge, and all the leadership team and Governors believe very strongly that it is every child’s right to have a first class education, and that anyone who doesn’t receives a second class one.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum where our children take enjoyment from learning and every child is encouraged to do better than they have before at every turn. The excellent staff are experienced and dedicated and work in partnership with parents, children and the wider community to ensure that the children at Prestolee receive the best possible experience.

The role of the Local Governing Body is to work closely with the Head Teacher and staff to provide the very best education we can for the children of our school. We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the school, for ensuring that the budget is managed prudently, and ensuring that the ethos and values that Prestolee hold dear are driving factors in the continuing success of our school.

Through supporting and challenging the Senior Leadership Team at Prestolee we ensure that the children receive the best possible education in a safe and secure environment.

I have no doubt that the hopes and aspirations you have for your child will be fulfilled here at Prestolee.

Stuart Fox

Chair of Governing Body

Prestolee Community Primary School - “Aiming High”